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If you’re looking for a water filter for both emergency and outdoor use, then the Berkey Light Water Filter could be the ideal water filter to meet your needs. Being light, portable and plug-in free, the Berkey Light is designed to help you in emergency situations as well as provide pure water on your travels.

The Berkey Light provides portability, but does it deliver the level of water purification the manufacture claims? Read on to find out.

Features of the Berkey Light Water Filter


  • 2 Black Berkey Filter Elements
  • Base Stand
  • Lower and Upper Storage Chambers
  • Complete water filtration system
  • Optional LED lighted base


Plug-in Free

If you are outdoors camping, with no convenient access to clean water then you need a system which does not require electricity. This filter works by the means of gravity, so it doesn’t require electrical power to operate, providing you true portable convenience. The lower storage chamber can hold 2 ½ gallons of water, so the capacity is pretty impressive.

Water Purification

Two Berkey filter elements are included, which remove harmful contaminants from the water such as lead, mercury, pesticides and solvents. The filters have a good lifespan; each filter can effectively clean 3000 gallons of water, providing you 6000 gallons in total. The filter elements do an excellent job of purifying the water. Even if you put stagnant pond water into the filter, it comes out as pure drinking water.

The system can produce up to 24 gallons of water in 24 hours, which is excellent for a portable filter.

Optional LED lighted base

Despite the name of this product, a light isn’t included as how to clean zero water filter standard, but you can buy an LED lighted base separately for around $80. This light illuminates the water filter at night so you can see in the dark, which is great for use as a camp light. This is also great for use as an emergency light.

Final Thoughts

The Berkey Light Water Filter is a very advanced product, utilizing revolutionary technology to purify water with its powerful self-sterilizing elements. Its versatile as it purifies both treated water and untreated water, providing you fresh, clean, drinking water regardless of where in the world you travel.

On the downside, the LED base light isn’t included as standard so if you want the advantage of illuminating it during a power outage, you have to purchase the lighted base separately or alternatively you could opt for the Berkey Light LED model which comes supplied with the light as standard.


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