Ever Ask Yourself “How Do Cats Age?”

Cats are such majestic and proud creatures, aren’t they? Housecats definitely act like their name as it may seem as if they own the house! However, they’re also often playful and affectionate companions. When you’re considering getting a cat, you’ve got to take everything into account. Therefore you may be asking an important question: how do cats age?

Just like in humans, there are several stages in a cat’s lifespan as it grows and matures. Finding the right cat for you often means deciding what age you’ll get your cat at. A young kitten can be a joy but a big responsibility, while an older cat can be less clingy and playful but also more self-sufficient.

From birth to about seven months of age, a cat is called a kitten. Newborn kittens cannot yet walk, but as they feed and grow they become heavier and stronger by the day. Within three or four weeks, kittens are already able to stand. Mother cats need to wean their kittens’ new teeth so they can begin to eat solid foods. It takes only a few more weeks for kittens to begin jumping and playing around.

Seeking an answer to the question “how do cats age?” will get a rapid answer as you see your feline pet getting bigger before your eyes. As your cat grows, within its first year it’s important to start taking it to the vet to get it properly vaccinated against diseases. With love and maine coon kittens for sale near me care, your kitten will grow up into a full, proud, and playful cat.

If you’re wondering about cats aging you’re likely already familiar with what a full grown cat is like. A cat’s prime years are debated but often said to be from one to three years old all the way up to about eight. During this time, a cat hones its hunting instinct through play and grows confident in its surroundings.

A cat that has not been neutered or spayed, which should be done at an early age, will begin seeking mates. However if your cat is kept alone without other cats, it may not show much of the mating instinct. Cats are usually perfectly accepting to a solitary lifestyle with humans.

A cat past seven or eight years is known as a mature or senior cat. Though your cat may have slowed down from kitten hood to adulthood, senior cats get noticeably less active and feebler as years go down.

This is almost as critical a period for vets as a cat’s early years, as older cats run into many medical complications.

The question “how do cats age?” is a tough one to answer. It all boils down to your particular cat and how well you take care of him or her. If you give your cat all the attention it needs, you’ll have a pet that age like fine wine: beautiful, robust, and full of enjoyment. Your cat deserves to be pampered and loved so it can get old with a wonderful human friend as you get older with a loving feline pal.

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