Herbal Detox – Ideal Ways to Maintain a Good and a Healthy Lifestyle

Detoxification is a process which helps the body in excreting the toxins and various pollutants that got accumulated inside the body. Through this process, one can sanitize the entire system from harmful toxic substances which got accrued over a period of time and which will eventually help in regaining the energy and better efficiency. One should keep in mind that the process of detoxification is not a one-time process by an on-going one. During the detoxification, it is advisable to make slower adaptations rather than making immediate and quick changes. Changes in the sense including healthier foods in one’s diet, trying to avoid intake of alcohol, caffeine, foods that are processed, sugar, drugs and other fast foods that are easily available. One has to change the amount of these kinds of foods they consume and also switch over to other types of healthy foods. A natural organic kind of a diet is strictly recommended along with consuming lots of water on a regular basis. One can accompany a strict exercise regimen along with this diet program which will help in the detoxing process.

Using herbal products in the detoxification program suggests a practical and natural method of cleaning the body from within. There are numerous herbs that will aid in increasing the metabolism of the organs in the body which will foster better blood flow in all the significant organs of the body. For example, the antifungal herbs remove the free radicals that are present in the body and they also stall the breeding of yeasts which will cause antioxidants and Candida albicans.

Very often, when on a detox program people keep mentioning about fasting. But fasting is not really necessary and might also not be favorable. And it does not always necessarily mean that one has to abstain from taking drinks and foods, or remain austere. It is not advisable to fast for more than 24 hours during which time one should consume as much water as they can. Fasting is definitely not suggested for young children, chronically sick people or old people, but is suggested only for those who are in good shape. People who are hooked to drugs and alcohol, people suffering from infections, those who are exposed to dangerous and toxic chemicals are advised to stay away from observing a fast. People who belong to the above mentioned categories should approach a physician for his advice and then start the diet. Same holds good for ladies who are expecting and nursing mothers.

Detoxification is a process which has to be considered with a bit of seriousness. One has to introspect to learn as to what could be the reason for the accumulation of the pollutants. At the same time, one has to make the necessary changes so that they can halt the rapidly multiplying number of toxins in the body. And during detoxification, it is an ideal time to pay more attention to oneself and relax the mind and body. To do the same, one can go to the saunas, steam baths, massages, herbal wraps and mineral wraps. All these activities might have an add-on effect to the detoxification program.

There are numerous herbs that could be used in detoxification process:

Ordinary Diuretics and Laxatives

It is highly imperative to maintain a good working condition of the kidneys when one is on a fasting process as they are the key organs which are very much involved in excreting the poisonous and harmful toxins away from the body.

One can use Juniper berries also known as Juniperus communis scientifically, in their diet because this fruit helps to strengthen and cleanse the bladder, the urinary tract as well as the kidneys. But, at the same time it should not be consumed for a long time. Occasional usage by those who suffer from kidney infections will be benefited by this because this is a tough cleanser. Urtica dioica, burdock roots and the Nettle are all effective diuretics and have gentle effects on the system.

Psyllium seeds and husks also popular as Plantago 通渠公司  ovata, Plantago psyllium and Plantago indica act as natural laxatives on the body. They work wonders and cure any kind of irritable bowel syndromes or bowel diseases that are inflammatory in nature. In Chinese medicine, liquorice root plays a prominent role as a good synchronizer because it is a good laxative and has proved to provide enough nutrients to the adrenal glands. The sprouts of alfalfa are also found to be good multipurpose laxatives.

For cleansing the liver

Scientifically called Silybum marianum and Carduus marianus, Milk thistle helps in flushing out the toxic substances and helps in rejuvenating the liver. Taraxacum officinale or the more popular dandelion root is also believed to have the same effects on the body. Silymarin is a key ingredient found in the milk thistle which acts as an antioxidant and helps in restoring the efficiency of the liver. Dandelion root acts on removing the toxins from both the liver as well as the gall bladder. A very natural antioxidant is the milk thistle.

The Lymphatic System

To push out toxic substances and wastes deposited in the cells of our body is the major role that is played by the lymphatic system. Many people opine that cellulite gets accumulated because of improper drainage of the toxins by the lymphatic system. But there are numerous herbs which will help to stimulate this system that will support in the excretion of the toxins from the body by way of the skin pores. Herbal oils like thyme (Thymus vulgarus), basil (Ocimum basilicum), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), celery (Apium graveolens), fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), lemon (Citrus limon) and grapefruit (Citrus paradise) all are used to get out the toxins from the body. A few oils like that of the thyme may cause irritation when put on skin. One has to exercise caution while using these oils.

All that needs to be done is to mix three different kinds of oils which will come to about 15-20 drops collected into one ounce of carrier oil so that it can be used in the massage therapy or for the purpose of brushing the skin.



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