Home Decor – What Does Yours Say About You?

Home decor styles are so widely varied – from elegant to country and everything in between. Some people don’t really have a certain style, they just have an eclectic mixture of it all. Others want every single piece to match, down to the last little detail.

What style of home decor do you prefer? People have such varied tastes. What may be absolutely gorgeous to one person may not be attractive at all to another. The only thing triangle computer desk that truly matters is if you are comfortable in your own home. Here is some information on popular home decor styles and the kind of atmosphere they convey.

Shabby chic is an extremely popular choice, and is very airy and romantic. The colors for this type of decor are usually pale and muted, from off white and dusty mauve to a pale celery green. This choice for home decor is often chosen by women who are not married, and is very feminine looking.

Asian decor is bold and exciting! Black and red mixed with gold are very common colors for this style of home decor. Clean lines and heavy pieces are often associated with asian decor. Many people have a bold ceramic tile floor that may be done with touches of red or black. Not for the timid, this style is very distinguished.

Country decor is a constant favorite, especially in the south. With bright colors such as yellow and red, many people use sunflowers, roosters, and cows when decorating in this style of home decor. Country blue and rust are also commonly used. This type of decor provides a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Western decor seems to be an all time favorite! Giving the feeling of wide open spaces, western home decor often has an abundance of wood accents. Wooden floors and exposed wooden beams are common in western decor. Wrought iron candle holders, western figurines and wall accents such as wagon wheels are often used in this type of home decor.

These are just a few examples of the many styles of home decor. Of course there are many others such as elegant, southwestern and contemporary. Everyone has their own personal choice for what they enjoy and want their home to convey.

No matter what your style, you should always choose what you love – after all, it IS your home! Choosing the right home decor theme is important, as your home is the first impression you give your visitors.


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