How To Build Your Brand Through Giving

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Offering free information has a purpose giving your customers the chance to gain a glimpse into your skills and knowledge, and to self decide to collaborate with your company. Offering valuable items that include action steps to take immediately, you’re not just creating a community of enthusiastic potential customers, but also building the ‘know-like-and trust factor’ which is your key to attracting lucrative clients and a successful business.


Here are five ways to maximize your generosity and increase brand awareness simultaneously to increase the impact and income:


Run a contest on social media


Contests can be fun, engaging fun, and can help improve the relationship you’ve established with your customers they can also be an effective tool to promote your brand. Give away a prize in any way or shape that is connected to your company, such as an iPad loaded with your training audio program and establish the rules for the contest in that you can encourage the public to talk about it and your business spreading virally.


Create a raffle at the time of sponsoring live occasions.


When you are a sponsor for an event, you can announce the chance to win a prize that the audience is awestruck about, such as gift cards or new devices. This will generate buzz and excitement, as well as a lot of visitors to your stand as well as an impressive increase in your number of customers. Make sure that the crowd includes your ideal customers or else you’ll end up with a list of people who have no interest.


A portion of the profits to a charitable cause


Giving back not only aid the cause you decision, but it can reveal to your potential customers as well as colleagues exactly what the company is about and what it stands for. Therefore, allocate a portion of your transactions (or select a different approach) to charity and inform the world about it. It’s not about bragging, but setting an example that can be followed by other people. If you’d like to go even more, weave your preferred cause(s) along with their purpose in your story about your brand. It’s an effective strategy to increase brand awareness in a variety of ways, some because of an increase in media attention, and others because of positive brand associations.


Give colleagues in your market segment to attend the free session of strategy together to help them with their plans


A great way to offer and also gain simultaneously is to partner with  ways to grow a brand others in your field that are serving the same market as you, to provide complimentary sessions to their customers (one for each client) which is an incentive to sign to your colleague’s program. What’s the benefit to you? It’s contingent on the agreement you have with your co-worker as your co-partner in a joint venture. The most common solution is more visibility, since you’ll be featured several times during the launch period, as well as the possibility of enrolling participants in your own premium programmes and packages.


Include calls to action in your gift cards


Include a compelling and concise call-to-action in each special report such as an ebook, video or audio course, or other free offer that you make to get your customers closer to finding the solution to your problem(s). To help grow your brand quickly and at a higher rate, always think about the next step you’d like your customers to follow. They will benefit just as well (or greater!) as it benefits your company therefore don’t be afraid to show your true colors. You won’t be able to deliver the full transformation your customers desire by giving them a present; however, the best thing you can do – and should do is encourage them to continue the journey they’ve begun after accepting your gift by inviting them to sign up to be your customer.


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