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Last night I saw this really hot girl working in a bar, called ‘Meshia’. Later another girl called Michelle call girls in karachi was showing interest in me, but I found myself not attracted to her. So these two girls looked almost identical they dressed exactly the same to each other, turns out these girls happened to be the same person, but their attitudes towards me seemed very different! Everyone’s heard the age old saying “Treat them mean to keep em keen” but I believe this age-old saying still holds a lot of value today

I was initially attracted to the girl at the door, so I performed magic tricks on guys/girls coming into the venue and ignored her, after speaking to all her friends I asked for her name, and discovered it to be Meshia, after briefly speaking to her indirectly and receiving no indications of interest I found myself later wanting to find her and making another attempt to gain her attention.

So I eventually left the target and continued chatting to people inside the venue. I was performing my conversation pieces to a table and one girl stands around the edge of what I’m doing and gives IOI’s so I continue my conversation with the table, and she starts saying how amazing I am and stuff, giving me loads of interest. I did the typical thing I tend to think and think “Oh she’s a fan”, I learn that her name is Michelle and I just kinda think, yeah she’s OK looking but I kept think “I want the girl on the door… she’s so pretty” I go to a party later and I keep asking Michelle where the hot receptionist girl has gone… she says she’s probably gone home.

I went out last night with a group of girls with the intention of meeting new people, on the way in the taxi they were chatting about, ‘getting the balance right’ between the ‘like’ – ‘dislike’ scale.

The scale would look like something illustrated above, where the idea position is to be where you illustrate both ‘dislike’ and ‘like’ simultaneously and that these mixed messages make you attract because its like you think she’s OK, but you aren’t needy and not really looking for anyone but you could have some fun if it happened!

A tale of three men!


  1. Guy walks into the bar walks over to the girl and says “Hi I really like you”, she ignores him
  2. Second guy walks into the bar, walks past the girl while giving her a simple wink, she spends the rest of the night stalking the guy… and he’s stuck with a girl harassing him who he has a weakening interest in.
  3. Third guy walks into the bar, walks straight past the girl, and she doesn’t know he exists.


The moral of the story is… nobody wins, but if anyone had a chance it would be the second guy!

The key is to show enough interest in a girl so that she knows shes got a chance with you and will therefore invest time in you while at the same time showing enough disinterest so that she thinks you’re almost out of her league and that she will have to make an effort if she wants to get with you and that she would be (lucky?)

you have to make her feel as if it would be an achievement to get with you. You are the shiny prize that everyone wants to win!

We all think like this!

Last night when I arrived at the club, I kept asking where the hot receptionist was as she wasn’t at the front door. No one seemed to know where she is, I found a table full of people I know and I said “Hi” to everyone. Michelle was there and I was sure to say “hi” to her and see how she is and to do some magic tricks on her as she seemed to enjoy it last week.

Throughout the evening I carried on doing my meet and greet, (I treat socialising like its a full-time job) later on I was calling over Michelle to come notice something that I was performing on a group of people, she couldn’t hear me so another girl said, “You want me to get Mesiha?” I carried on calling her over, and I think she noticed what I was doing.. (err I was hypnotizing someone)

Anyway, so when I got into a conversation with Michelle, I asked her, the other girl called you Meisha, she says “That’s my nickname”, I said “no way, do you know the girl on the door last week called Meisha” she says “no, I was on the door last week”. As far as I was concerned the girl on the door was a stunner who was completely amazing because she was uninterested and cute and it only made me want her more, the girl who paid attention to my tricks and was enthusiastic about my presence I just wrote her off as a fan into the ‘non fancy’ box, I even went as far as to pretend to myself that these were two separate people. You cannot change a first impression, if you act interested you will be categorized before you’ve built attraction and you’ll struggle to break the stereotyped position you’ve been put in, the mind is so powerful that it will literally categorize information in a box with such precision, that it will even cause you to hallucinate two separate people if one likes you and one doesn’t.

How to display like and dislike simultaneously


  • One way you can convey interest and disinterest simultaneously is to touch the girl a lot but not like it means anything but like you touch everyone, if you touch her while looking away or doing something else then it seems as if your not really interested but at the same time it can’t be denied that your touching the girl.
  • Neg her, make funny jokes about how she is really ‘weird’ or ‘interesting’ but in a unusual way, be a bit naughty and playful but like you do that to all the girls.
  • Talk to other girls, to create jealously
  • Demonstrate that your heavily busy leading the other men.
  • Smile and have loads of fun, making friends easily.. this demonstrates everyone likes you and that your special and make the most out of life.


Have fun

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