How to Make Easy Gold in World of Warcraft

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f you want to make some easy gold in World of Warcraft, then don’t leave the city. Some of the best strategies for making easy gold in World of Warcraft are located within the safety of the walled cities. I am talking about limited supply items.

These are the items that you see with a number in brackets over the item icon when you visit a vendor with a n item that is in limited suply. The vendor will only sell a few of these limited supply recipes, schematics, etc before they are “out of stock.” The items will return to the Buy wow gold   vendors inventory after 20 minutes.

The secret to making easy gold with this strategy is to purchase these limited supply items and then turn around and sell them in the Auction House. Most players are either too lazy to find the vendor to purchase from, or they just cannot make it to the correct city to purchase the item they are looking. All you have to do is purchase the item and then put it on the AH and wait for a sale.

You need to make sure that you know the correct Auction House value for the item you are about to sell. I would suggest that you install the Auctioneer Addon, or research the item on Thottbott or a similar WoW database.

These items are all over major cities, and area really great way to make easy gold in World of Warcraft. Plunk yourself down in a major city with an Auction House and start raking in the gold.


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