How You Can Think Like A Girl And Reach The Top Dog

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Frustrated with rejection at the top? Wondering who’s greasing whose palm to get access to the million-dollar decision-makers? Working at convincing yourself that the CEO/President isn’t really THE Top Dog for your particular product/service?

All you’ve gotta do to change this frustration and rejection to outrageous success is this: “Learn to think like a girl”.

You’ll be relieved to know that “sell like a girl” isn’t going to require you he-men to sound “fem” on the phone or you she-women to sound “sultry or whiny”. It does mean that you’ve got to think differently than you’ve been thinking about approaching the upper echelon.

Surf the net, read the articles about sales and they reek of testosterone–power, speed, obscene sums of money begging to get into your pockets, get to the decision-maker at all costs. Overall there’s not one thing wrong with call girls in lahore testosterone–after all it’s half of what makes the world go round.

However, testosterone will get in the way when you’re dealing with the number one person you need to know to get to the Top Dog decision makers. Yep, I’m talkin’ about the gatekeeper.

Oh, I know there are lots of connections made on the golf courses but no one comes near the success rates of those who know how to treat the gatekeeper on the other end of the line. Listen up now, I’m givin’ you an insider’s secret from the Ladies Powder Room… Sales Professionals of America, you be nice to the Executive Assistant and she’ll be nice to you.

Don’t you dare write this off as “too simple”, resist the temptation to think, “kick it up a notch, this isn’t how the big deals are made.” Because the results of heeding this counsel will make your head spin. Like appointments with $1.3 Billion dollar decision makers, meetings with executives who prior to using this method had been unreachable for more than 20 years, sales cycles shortened from 6 months to 2 weeks… and the accolades go on and on.

So what do the folks who’ve learned to Sell Like A Girl know that you don’t know? This is it–the single most important person you need to know to get scheduled on the Executive’s calendar for a sales call is more likely than not, a girl–actually a professional executive assistant who is female.

What does she want? To introduce her executive to the sales professionals that are savvy to the ways business is done at the top.

Why is she interested in that kind of relationship? Because her boss, the executive, has included her in his or her directive to seek out new ideas to help the boss take the company where no man has gone before! The Top Dog is eager to hear about new ideas that’ll reduce expenses, increase revenues and keep his company ahead of the other guy. Her boss wants to meet a sales pro like you–because you have a lot to offer.

Now that you know the secret key, beware of getting your tail caught in the closed gate because of your approach.

When testosterone meets estrogen, it’s a different experience than when testosterone meets testosterone. Or when testosterone wannabees (how a lot of women have learned to behave in business) meet the gatekeeper.

The executive assistant uses the language of business, she’s bottom line, brief in use of words, deliberate in her focus–and she appreciates being treated by you as the second most powerful person in the organization.

Give her the information she needs and is looking for to communicate to the executive. That is simply your name, your phone number, and what’s in it for the exec if he does business with you.

And be polite. Tell her you appreciate her and thank her.

True, she isn’t the decision maker–but she is the single most important key to getting to the decision maker. Learn how to think like a girl and your calendar will be packed with executive level sales calls. Your other option? Continue to bang your head against a solidly locked door. Come on, give it a try, you don’t have to tell a soul… just sell like a girl.

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