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There is always a need to use Hunter PGJ-12 Rotor in your house garden or in a commercial zone. This article will describe very well, why you need to use this product for your residential use. We are emphasizing on residential use because this product is designed for domestic use and not for commercial use but if you want then you can use it on commercial basis as well along with big commercial rotors. In a big place this rotor will serve as a rotor that will help to cover small regions that are often left by big commercial rotors. Although if you want then you can use a manual spraying product for your residential use but it is highly recommended that you must use such rotor product that is automatic and a state of the art master piece by a good company having a good technology used in it like PGJ technology.

The rotor about which we are talking about right now is one of the great rotor products that are available in the market at the moment of time. If you will go for Hunter PGJ-12 Rotor then you will get all big things in a small package. You will be able to spray all your lawn with a reliable spraying machine and also the most important thing is that you will be able to get this machine at very low price to perform high profile tasks. This article is subjected to the benefits and features of this rotor product. After reading this article you will be able to understand the benefits of using this rotor and I’m sure that you will not be able to resist yourself to go out in the market and buy this rotor device for your house lawn today. You must use this rotor if you want every single spot of your lawn covered and nourished with water.


With each and every rotor set you can get a set of nozzles as well. This is free of cost and comes in the package. You will just have to buy the rotor and get the sets of nozzles for free.

Since, it is important for you to understand how to use this rotor so an instructional guide will also be included in the pack that you will receive.

An adjustment tool is also provided with every set of rotor that you purchase to allow you to adjust and fix your rotor on your own.

It is very important that you can adjust the radius of the rotor and with Hunter PGJ-12 Rotor you will also get a radius screw that will help you to adjust the radius of the rotor while spraying process.

A rotor is of no use if it is not reliable and possesses a strong design. This rotor is equipped with a rubber cover that makes it quite reliable and strong in structure.

If you want to increase the radius of the area that you wish to cover with this rotor then you can do that easily with the screw that has been provided to you for radius adjustment.

Rotating features:

An arc that can be adjusted very easily from 40 degree to 60 degree is added with this pack that will allow you to adjust the length of the rotor as well.

You will be able to get a consistent rotating speed that will not be interrupted with anything at all. It doesn’t make any difference if you are using a small or large nozzle for spray or what radius you have chosen for Hunter PGJ-12 Rotor, its rotation is consistent


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