Hybrid Library System: Security and Automation In One Go

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A Hybrid library system is a combination of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and EM (Electromagnetic) technologies, meant to boost the security system of libraries (thus preventing stealing of items) on one hand, and automate the check-in/out processes on the other. The system allows the libraries where EM technology is already being used to add RFID systems and add extra reliability to protection of library items. The reverse is also true: EM technology can be installed in libraries where RFID is already working.

A Hybrid (EM+RFID) library system is employed by libraries that require optimal performance for their databases while adding the transparency factor. In a hybrid system, the optimal security of alarms, remote administration at gate and patron counters is ensured. It is highly reliable as well as performance-oriented and comes with wide range of options for installation like audible/virtual alarms and wide corridors.

What does RFID do?

The RFID system is used to track the electronically stored items by transmitting radio waves over distances without requiring the line of sight for communication. A smart tag, already programmed with the details of the book, comes in contact with the radio waves transmitted by an antenna; the data stored on the tag is decoded by it and transferred for further processing to the PC terminal.

How our RFID System Benefits You?

The RFID installed in your Hybrid (EM+RFID) library system smooths the functioning of a library in the following ways:

You can retrieve the information of a particular item: its name, author, year of publication, location, identity, and condition without requiring any physical contact with that item. integrated library system 
Restriction posed by the line of sight for communication is absent in the libraries where RFID is installed.
Fast, easy, and reliable as it allows for auto check-in as well as check-out.
Quick re-shelving helps you in locating items in no time.
Makes it less cumbersome for the library staff as it reduces the overhead of performing tasks manually.
Enhanced productivity and improved efficiency at your circulation desk.
In a Hybrid library system, the RFID readers are used to locate the items that are misplaced or stolen. This helps in improved security of all of your library items.
What Does EM do?

An EM system prevents the unauthorized check-out of books and tampering of pages in any way. An adhesive tape is placed in the gutter area of the book; when this tap comes under the influence of magnetic field of a transmitter, it becomes saturated and emits a particular frequency pattern. On being recognized by a receiver, an alarm is raised while taking a book out, indicating that the tape is not being deactivated, and a wrongful check-out is taking place.

Benefits of EM Technology for you:

An EM system in your Hybrid (EM+RFID) library security system is meant to keep the libraries under continuous surveillance so that the all the items placed in it are completely safe from theft.
The detection rate of unauthorized check/outs is quiet high, thus making your system robust and reliable.
The best part is that the tape can be activated/deactivated any number of times; this makes the EM technology a cost-effective one.
The products with high performance and sophisticated design are available in market; these meet the international


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