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Whenever there is a granite or marble like structure that needs some lettering on the sides, there is need for a sandblast stencil which has a sandblast resist quality to let the medium used eat away at the hard stone structure which is usually made with a very hard rubber material so that it does not break easily.

This can work in one of two ways. Either the design is dug out of the stone, or the stone is worn away to let the design stand proud of the surrounding area. Either way of doing this kind of work will make the whole thing look wonderful, and when finished, the whole thing will be polished to a lovely satiny finish.

This is a much easier method of putting lettering onto stone, much easier than using chiseling techniques, so it is used widely these days. The stone used is weatherproof and will last many years and this is why it is used for national monuments or headstones etc.

Even concrete with different colored stones mixed in terrazzo can be polished down and the finished effect is very colorful indeed. This is usually used for floors and 水滴旗 counters but it can work out a little on the expensive side. However, since it is literally like stone, this can last for many years to come.

Granite is also a useful stone for all kinds of situations since it is virtually indestructible. Although it is still a popular choice, people these days are requesting concrete with the aggregate mix of their choice so that they can blend it in with the existing decor.

Companies who provide these kinds of services can usually be sourced online. They do tend to have many other services too and this can include vinyl spraying to cover metal fencing or whole houses. Not only does this keep the wood beneath water tight, it can also fend off any ravages of the weather that can cost a lot to repair if the damage is not sorted quite quickly.

Fences with are coated with vinyl are guaranteed for up to thirty years and since most people tend to move every few years, this could prove to be quite a good investment. Since the home or fence will look in great condition for years, this is often a great selling point when it is time for the family to move on.

Another strange but odd service is called load slitting. That means rolls of plastic or other such material is cut down to size and re rolled onto smaller tubes to sell on to the public. The product is easier to make on huge rolls of course, but once it is ‘slit’ it makes it easier to transport on to shops where the public will buy them.


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