LED TV Versus OLED TV – What Are the Differences?

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There are a seemingly endless amount of televisions on the market today. These different kinds of televisions all offer varying types of technologies. These different technologies could easily affect how you enjoy your TV stations, shows, and movies.

LED TVs and OLED TVs are two types of TV technology that are gaining in popularity. Both of these television types have something to offer to your home entertainment system. By looking into the differences cancel my daily wire subscription and similarities between the two, you will be able to understand the type of TV that is right for you.

What is an LED TV?

The LED in LED TV stands for light-emitting diode. This is a simple light source that has been used for lighting since the 1960s. The LED TV offers lower energy consumption than other types of televisions. It also offers a better picture, and the ability to offer a clear picture.

What is an OLED TV?

OLED stands for “Organic Light Emitting Diode”, and is well known for having multiple advantages over other kinds of televisions. These advantages come from the ability of OLEDs to work without a backlight.

The OLED TV works through using OLEDs. These OLEDs emit light through organic compounds. This allows for higher levels of black, and more contrast than other types of televisions.

What is the Same?

There are a lot of similarities to be had between the LED TV and the OLED TV. Both the LED TV and the OLED television feature some of the best contrast levels in the TV market. They both have deeper blacks than other televisions. This means that the black comes across as darker, and contrasts more with the other colors. This helps these other colors to stand out more. Both types of TVs are also thin, and are generally thinner than other types of TVs, including LCD TVs.

What is Different?

There are a few major differences between the two types of televisions. The main differences focuses around the backlight. The LED TV is actually an LED backlit LCD TV, utilizing LEDs for the perfect backlighting. OLED TVs, on the other hand, do not need a backlight to operate.

The LED technology is relatively old when compared to OLED technology. OLED TVs are newer, and are using the most recent form of LED technology. With LED technology, the lights are bright white and are forced through a color filter. With OLED TVs, each LED is actually creating the color that is needed. This is what creates the more dynamic picture, giving OLED TVs a nicer picture than LED TVs.

For some, the LED TV is going to be the perfect purchase. For others, the is the best option. If you are in the market for a new HDTV, you simply need to sit down and evaluate your options. You need to know the positives and negatives about both types of TVs to ensure that you make the best purchase for your home.

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