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If you own a PlayStation Three, then you have the ability for online movie rentals through the PlayStation Store. The PlayStation Store offers a variety of movies to rent for a period of time for a low set price.

The process works through you signing onto your PlayStation, then scrolling over to the PlayStation Store, clicking on the icon then navigating your way into the movie section. Once you are in the movie section you can click through and look through all the available rentals and the price to rent.

PlayStation offers a rental service to where you can rent a move for a low price of about a dollar, and once you rent you will be able to watch your movie in high definition thanks to the built in Blu-ray player. You have the option to watch หนังออนไลน์ the movie you rented as many times as you like, for a period of a couple of days. Once the day limit is hit the movie you rented will no longer be available for viewing, and the icon that you used to view the movie will have gone.

At the moment there is only the ability to rent a movie for a dollar for a couple of days, but eventually there will be system for online rental that allows you to rent as many movies as you would like, for a set monthly price. This is similar to other online movie rental services, but you watch everything through the PlayStation Blu-ray player.

Overall if you are looking for an affordable way to catch up on all the latest moves, check out the PlayStation Three’s method of online movie rentals. They offer the latest releases with a download process that is only limited by your Internet connection, and a return policy that is simple as letting your rental time expire.

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