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Are online college classes hard? The answer relates to the classes and the student.

A student’s motivation and desire is important to assess. A student may be ready to focus in on studies or more prone to want to party. There area few things to consider in assessing the challenge an online course may hold.

Ask yourself what it is that you want to study and if you are ready for the challenge. If you choose a more difficult are of study like law or medicine you must be prepared for it. There are easier subjects to take but if you are truly interested in a particular field, you must be mentally ready to take on whatever challenges it entails.

Online courses are similar to traditional colleges in that there are some courses that will get to the heart of the subject matter and some courses that are not as directly on topic a course in miracles  nor as difficult. Know which type of course you are looking at signing up for.

Courses that are not designed to teach you the details of a subject are easier to pass online. This is the same in a normal college course. Courses that get to the “meat” of the subject matter are more of a challenge. For example, a class that requires you to learn certain equations or steps in solving problems is going to be more of a challenge.

To succeed in an online course, you have to be able to learn without the one on one attention of an instructor. Some can and some cannot.

If you require the one on one attention of an instructor, taking online courses probably is not your best choice. They do not traditionally lend themselves to having professors who are easily accessible.


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