Types of Printer Ink Available in the Market

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Printer Ink is a pigmented liquid used especially for printing. It is most expensive and the constituents of printer ink are a mixture of dyes or pigments, biocides and fungicides, buffering agents, humectants and resins. Dye based ink are less expensive than pigment based inks.

The quality of print depends on the type of ink, type of paper and the printer that was used. Pigment based printer solutions are waterproof, resistant to fading and light, dry fast and have low toxicity levels when compared to dye based ones. On the other hand, Dye based inks have bright color quality, produces sharp quality prints and photos. It can be stored for longer periods of time. The disadvantages are their photos have inferior fade-resistance and water resistance properties. There exist different types of printer ink in the market, one featuring a distinct and advantageous quality over another. This indeed provides customers an opportunity to choose the right one for their needs.

So, let us consider the types of printer ink available in the market:

‘HP’s Vivera Inks’: This ink is pigment based and represents a new brand which gives photos a lifetime of 110 years. With the use of this technology, users can monitor different printer ink levels. High degree of color fidelity, brilliant color print-outs, afford-ability, high degree of light fade 代用碳粉 resistance and durability are the characteristic of this ink.

‘Epson Durabrite Ink: Is also a pigment based one. The biggest quality of this ink is it yields print of high quality on any paper or media type. It dries quickly and therefore they are the favorite choice for printing double sided documents. The other important factors are its resistance to water and light, smudges and smears.

‘Solid Ink’: This ink is popular in large companies as their major uses are large laser printers such as Xerox and Brother.

‘Lexmark Evercolor Ink’: It uses a multi-color printing system which uses six colors and produces sharp and excellent color printouts. For glossy photo printouts, this ink is used.

‘Phaser Ink’: Is used mainly in Xerox Phaser printers. They are used by business corporations all over the world.

Resistance to fading, water solubility and the ability to produce sharp print quality are considered the main characteristics of any printer ink. There are different types of printers and each type of ink works better with a particular brand of printer. So, it is advisable to select the printer ink according to ones needs and requirements.


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